Design is my passion. When creating art, I see and feel design long before color, texture or even representative objects are a consideration. I spend inordinate amounts of time working out rhythm, harmony, contrast, tension and balance for each of my fine art compositions.

MAGELLAN is the name of this black & white creation. I feel it projects a subtle map-like quality which conjures thoughts of daring expeditions into the unknown. It is an ode to ancient mariners, modern aviators and legions of future explorers who will hurtle through the galaxies in sleek star ships.

The art was digitally created in Ultra Fractal, which means detail (above) at even the larger sizes is crisp and sure.

In this instance, the image worked so well in black & white that color seemed superfluous and overreaching. I played with color, of course, but couldn’t improve upon the piece’s naked purity and bold confidence.

This art also “finished” nicely. If you’re an artist, you know that on every project there is always something else you can do or would like to try. The tweaking can go on forever! I often say that art isn’t so much finished as abandoned. At some point you just have to sign your work and send it into the world and let it fend for itself. MAGELLAN didn’t put me through that. It practically screamed “Stop messing with me, I’m done!”

I don’t generally show close-ups of frames, but look at this beautiful thing! Together with a set of white over black mats, MAGELLAN is very nicely dressed, like so:

As shown —
Finished size: 44.8″ x 37.5″
Print on Somerset Velvet Fine Art: 32.0″ x 24.0″
Frame: Silver Distressed, 2.13″ width
Top Mat: Digital White, Width: Top 4″, Bottom 4.75″, Sides 4″
Bottom Mat: Ivory Black
Glazing: Non-glare Acrylic

For readers of my blog, I am holding the price of MAGELLAN (sized and finished as shown) at $653.37 through next Sunday, August 24, 2008. The art normally ships in 6-8 business days. You may contact me directly to answer questions or assist you with your order, or click here to order now.

MAGELLAN looks great in home or office, and will make a superb addition to your collection.