Art Defines Us

Great civilizations are not remembered by their business people or political leaders. They are remembered by their art.

MEDUSA TOO: A Frenetic Celebration of Life

For all its flighty, swirly motion, I am pleased with the final weight and balance of MEDUSA TOO. Created with a Wacom graphics tablet almost entirely in Corel Painter, I find there is something elephantine and calming about this otherwise chaotic composition. During...

On Finding Your Own Voice

"How do you do that?" Artists hear that question a lot. But the answers are nearly always unsatisfying, aren't they? Here's why: Because more often than not, the underlying question is "How can I do that?" The answer always involves life experiences, education,...

Do You Have a Pivot Point?

What sort of art do you produce when you are free to produce anything you want? That question might be complicated for two reasons: Do you know what you want? Do you have the skills to produce your art in a way that does justice to your vision? For me, those questions...

New Art Installed at Desert Mountain

These pictures show me at the home of Terese Rose, one of my most ardent and long-term patrons. She has recently installed several pieces of my new art in her Desert Mountain home near Scottsdale, Arizona. I helped her choose and size each artwork to convey specific...

Introducing RIPPLE — New Art for Summer

Today I feature one of my latest works, called Ripple. My intent was to create a strong image that was bold, clean and sassy. I've used a very limited color pallet on this one, mostly blues, but a full tonal range from stark white to deep black. I'm happy with how it...

Creative Freedom is Eating Strawberries at Three in the Morning

Sedona in the moonlight is terrific. I live at the base of Thunder Mountain and all of it's craggy magnificence is reflected in the lunar light. The whole town has a "no streetlight" policy, which is wildly controversial in some circles but superb for star-gazing. If...

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Dan Turner Open Edition Fine Art Prints are available on a variety of museum-quality, fine art substrates, including paper, canvas, metal and acrylic. To explore mat, frame, size and price options in real time — and to order fine art prints — simply click the “Purchasing Options” link on any of the Gallery images. Please contact me if I can assist you with sizing or selection.

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