Today I feature one of my latest works, called Ripple. My intent was to create a strong image that was bold, clean and sassy. I’ve used a very limited color pallet on this one, mostly blues, but a full tonal range from stark white to deep black. I’m happy with how it seems to move.

Notice the upper left quadrant, where the ripples and fade-aways are not predictable, but irregular. I have avoided symmetrical repetition and forced a series of illogical curves. When these designs are married to the more “coordinated” bottom curves, the juxtaposition sets up a nice tension which makes the piece more exciting.

The above full-size close-ups reveal an earthy, gritty texture to the piece which is not apparent when viewing the web-ready representations. This is not pixel-distortion, but an intended texture I worked into the art to give it body and substance.

RIPPLE sings under non-glare acrylic, a white conservation matte and a traditional black scoop frame with low-lights of gold and red. Very pretty! Click here to order this piece for your home, office, cruise line or international resort properties.