MEDUSA TOO: A Frenetic Celebration of Life

For all its flighty, swirly motion, I am pleased with the final weight and balance of MEDUSA TOO. Created with a Wacom graphics tablet almost entirely in Corel Painter, I find there is something elephantine and calming about this otherwise chaotic composition.

During it’s creation, I was searching for a way to tame near-pandemonium and introduce order. This was achieved by slicing my original foundation image vertically and repeating a portion of it. Then I experimented with overlapping the two parts and adjusting both the color and layer opacities to produce the lighter center slice. That move turned out to be just what I was looking for: It added a disciplined design element to the composition and instilled a level of ordered repetition. Both of those things served to tame the hurricane of flying tendrils and set the composition solidly on it’s rectangular field.

MEDUSA TOO is a swirling, frenetic celebration of life. It is also an engaging portrait of seductive excess.

This piece shows well with an ivory black top mat and a digital white bottom mat. I like to finish it with a contemporary Satin Black frame and non-glare acrylic. The museum-quality giclee is beautifully printed on Somerset Velvet Fine Art paper. As shown, the overall dimensions are 43.3″ x 28.5″. For the next seven days (through August 16, 2008) I am making it available to you fully framed and finished for $545.99. The art normally ships in 6-8 business days. You may contact me directly to answer questions or assist you with your order, or click here to order now.


  1. Nice, Dan. I like it.

  2. This is gorgeous! I love the color, motion and depth. For some reason, it makes me think of the work of Hiroshige.

  3. Hiroshige, really? I’m flattered. It may be the background texture and “woodcut” looking sig. At any rate, welcome Kris and thanks for the nice comment.


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