These pictures show me at the home of Terese Rose, one of my most ardent and long-term patrons. She has recently installed several pieces of my new art in her Desert Mountain home near Scottsdale, Arizona.

I helped her choose and size each artwork to convey specific moods for different rooms, then had museum-quality giclees prepared and custom finished. She ordered a combination of stretched canvas giclees and a series of large, beautifully framed art prints.

In this instance, I am fortunate to live only two hours from Scottsdale. When the art arrived, I carefully hung each piece for her. She truly has one of the most elegant homes in Desert Mountain, and it was thrilling to see my art in such opulent surroundings.

The art in the above photographs is called “PARIS 1927.” It is finished with a smooth black frame which combines a classic swan curve with a lovely triple-tiered step on the outer edge.