I must be in my RED period; I couldn’t get enough red when working on these two ethereal pieces. That, and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.

For all you lovers.

Hmmm. Is framed art more impressive than a card? Oh my yes!

It’s fun to be up to your elbows in the art, isn’t it? Once I’m past the conceptual stages and it feels like things are going to work out, it’s exciting to push and pull the boundaries, work on detail and play with color. That I was able to produce two pieces from this concept is double-good.

Once again, the marvelous detail achievable with fractals (shown above) astounds me. It is beauty within beauty; I never tire of the infinite permutations. The texture, which is generally lost at web sizes, is tasty at close range.

Sedona Valentine 1, and,
Sedona Valentine 2, as shown —
Finished size (each): 29.5″ x 44.3″
Print on Somerset Velvet Fine Art: 18.0″ x 32.0″
Frames: Metropolitan Black with Gold, 2″ width
Top Mat: Fairfield White, Width: Top 3.5″, Bottom 4.25″, Sides 3.5″
Bottom Mat: Digital White
Glazing: Non-glare Acrylic

Both VALENTINE pieces are available for purchase now. You may contact me directly to answer questions or assist you with your order, or click here to order now.